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Welcome to the Texas Division of Emergency Management’s Research and Innovation Website. This site is intended to provide a mechanism for researchers to share their research efforts with practitioners, provide a resource for local communities, businesses, and government agencies to find information on new methods and technology related to emergency management and connect researchers with shared research interests.

2021 Texas A&M University System Emergency Management Research Symposium

The 2021 Texas A&M University System Emergency Management Research Symposium was conducted to bring researchers and practitioners in emergency management together to develop a mechanism to share the academic research with practitioners in a practical fashion and to provide researchers with discipline specific suggestions for future research from practitioners.

Emergency Management Use Case Template

Emergency Management Use Case Purpose: To enable Academic Researchers in areas which impact emergency management to share their research in a format which emergency management practitioners can use to determine if the application of the research may provide a solution to a current or future challenge.

Search Emergency Management Research

Members of the Public and the Emergency Management Community may search research focused on the challenges facing individuals, communities and the emergency management profession by following the link below.

For Researchers

Researchers at Texas Institutions and Agencies who are interested in sharing their research with the public and Emergency Management Practitioners may sign up by following the link below. Once you have signed up, been verified, and have submitted information on your emergency management research, the information will be available to the public through the Search function. You must have an email address with “.edu” or “.gov” to sign up.

For Texas Researchers who are seeking support from TDEM for grant applications, data or other research-related activities, please fill out the form here.