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To support and enhance the state’s preparedness by developing and managing a comprehensive, all-hazards emergency operations plan that clarifies roles and helps coordinate resources before, during and after an incident of state significance.


State of Texas Emergency Management Basic Plan

Emergency Support Function Annexes

(Annexes with no link are being revised)

Transportation Annex (ESF 1)

Communications Annex (ESF 2)

Public Works and Engineering Annex (ESF 3)

Firefighting Annex (ESF 4)

Emergency Management (ESF 5)

Mass Care Annex (ESF 6)

Logistics and Resource Management Annex (ESF 7)

Public Health and Medical Services Annex (ESF 8)

Search and Rescue Annex (ESF 9)

Oil and Hazardous Materials Response Annex (ESF 10)

Agriculture and Natural Resources Annex (ESF 11)

Energy Annex (ESF 12)

Public Safety and Security Annex (ESF 13)

Public Information Annex (ESF 15)

Support Function Annexes

Catastrophic Debris Management Annex

Evacuation and Population Protection Annex

Food and Water Annex

Volunteer and Donations Management Annex

Warning Annex

Hazard Annexes

Drought Annex

Hurricane Annex

Nuclear/RAD Annex

Terrorism Annex

Wildland Fire Annex

Supporting Documents

Response and Recovery Guide

Responder Reentry

Emergency Tracking Network (ETN)



Dan Borgeson, Unit Chief
(512) 424-0002